Founded in 1910, Confindustria is the main organization representing Italian manufacturing and services companies. More than 150,000 companies of all sizes--employing a total of 5,434,352 workers--are voluntary members of the organization. The fundamental value underlying Confindustria’s activities is the belief that free enterprise and free economic activity, within the framework of a market economy, are key factors for the growth and development of society as a whole.  

Confindustria represents the interests of Italian companies to leading political and administrative institutions, including parliament, the government, trade unions and other social partners. 
Confindustria has assumed an increasingly complex role in seeking solutions to the country’s major problems through dialogue with other partners in the production and labor world. As in the past, new challenges lie ahead on the road to development and economic growth: Confindustria's mission is to meet them in a constant quest for solutions for the production system and the country as a whole.