With an academic background of Mechanical Engineer and an MBA, David Corsini has been working in high tech international industrial and scenarios for nearly 30 years. As the CEO of an industrial company, he managed 30 million euro/year turnover for more than 10 years, and as technical manager, he handled over 1200 different projects of special machines and robots.

About 25 years ago he founded what today is Telerobot Labs working closely with the University of Genova and-more recently-with IIT. He spent most of his adult life in a workshop developing, designing and realizing solutions for challenging problems, creating a Team and a style of work with some points of contact with what he imagines was La Bottega di Leonardo.


Telerobot Labs S.r.l. is a robotics and special machines enterprise based in Genova, Italy. Dealing in operations that man cannot do by himself, Telerobot Labs has been providing “functions in dysfunctional conditions” through robotic solutions for over 25 years.

Telerobot Labs offers high level competences and turnkey solutions in design, development and production of robots, special machines and mechatronic devices, new products concept and industrialization, robotic business development, and academy to business services.

Telerobot Labs Srl has a broad track record in several application fields, including: 
- off-shore inspection and service devices
- nuclear teleoperated machines for inspection and decommissioning
- industrial automation
- lab automation
- robotic rehabilitation devices
- humanoid robotics
- defense
- green processing technologies