Edward Vella

Edward Vella is currently the President of Marposs Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Marposs SpA, and responsible for Sales, Service and light manufacturing of Marposs Products 

in USA, Canada and Mexico.  Edward (Ed) has worked in Marposs for more than 30 years and joined Marposs directly after earning his Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering Degree from Oakland University in 1985.

At Marposs, Ed has held the positions of Product Manager for manual inspection gauges and statistical process control, Technical Liaison between Marposs Corporation and Marposs SpA in Marposs world headquarters in Bologna, Italy (living in Italy from 1992 to 1995); Program Manager; General Manager, Marposs Mexico (living in Mexico City, Mexico from 1997 to 2000); and since 2000 as President, Marposs Corporation, Auburn Hills, Michigan.  Ed is also currently the Vice President of IAABT, the Italian American Alliance for Business and Technology organization in the Detroit area.


Marposs produces electronic metrology systems designed to perform dimensional, geometrical and surface checks on mechanical pieces in harsh shop floor environments, and systems for monitoring machine tools and their cutting or forming tools during the  working cycles. The company offers standard or customized solutions for each stage of the production process; starting with the checks carried out before, during and after the  machining process, as well as for inspection of finished pieces, and collecting and processing measurement data. In particular: measurement and control for machine tools; dimensional and geometrical inspection of mechanical pieces; non-destructive and leak testing; integrated measurement and assembly systems; statistical process and quality controls.

Marposs products are designed for machine tool and measurement station manufacturers, and end users in the following sectors: automotive and associated sub-contractors, bearings, gears, compressors, electrical motors, aerospace, glass, energy, electronics and hi-tech, biomedical. 

Marposs operates worldwide through a network of 24 direct organizations at 80 locations. It employs over 3000 people and has current turnover in excess of $500 million.

Company website: http://www.marposs.com/